About Rhythm Circle

I started Rhythm Circle to help young children learn the basics of music (rhythm and pulse, pitch, dynamics, articulation, tempo).

Starting formal music lessons is difficult. Not only is there a new instrument to master but also new signs and symbols, and virtually a whole new ‘language’ to get used to.

Most students struggle with rhythm and music notation in particular.

The majority of this information is visual requiring prior knowledge of basic numeracy/ literacy and is usually taught with the children sitting still. However, children learn best using their whole bodies, with movement, and by play!

Via a series of progressive activities including musical games, drawing, listening , children are familiarised with basic music notation and develop listening and counting skills.

The course is not specific to any one type of instrument and is designed to be a precursor to formal lessons later on. Having gained security in the basics of music, children can begin formal music lessons with confidence.

I liked the musical games and snap. I also liked the wordsearch.

M. aged 8

The things I liked best were the obstacle course and the bingo.

W. aged 6